Multi Green (Pty) Ltd

As part of its strategy to supply direct inputs to its producers, VKB Agriculture has acquired a 53% shareholding in Multi Green (Pty) Ltd (Multi Green), a fertiliser mixing plant in Villiers.

Since 2005 Multi Green specialises in the precision mixing and distribution of liquid as well as granular fertiliser. The company is well-established and well-known in the farming community and the fertiliser sector.

An efficient agent network ensures the supply of fertiliser to clients within a 600 km radius from the factory, as well as in Zambia.

The granular product is processed and delivered in 50 kg, 500 kg and 1 ton bags, as well as in mass.

The company has two weighing bridges to control incoming and outgoing loads.
Multi Green also offers a soil sample testing service to clients, which enables the company to do precision recommendations to its clients in order to ensure that all specific soil and yield requirements are being met.

Tel: 058 821 1087