Free State Oil (Pty) Ltd (FSO)


South Africa has always been a net importer of soybean oil and soybean oil cake, especially from Southern America, but the growing local production of soybean has lead to the public having more confidence in the product and is 0starting to increasingly use it as cooking oil.

FSO is a soybean press in Villiers in the Free State, which was established in 2011 at a cost of R80 million. In September 2012 it started producing quality soybean meal, soybean oil and soybean cake. The oil-press currently has a capacity of 150 000 tons per year, which offers soybean producers in the area a valuable outlet.

FSO oilcake is supplied to the animal feed factories in the VKB Group. This enables them and GFC’s contract growers to realize cumulative margins and at the same time a stable and sustainable demand is created for their products.

The establishment of the oil press in the fast-growing soybean production area in the Eastern Free State gave the whole vicinity an economic boost and also created job opportunities. The press positions the company as one of the most important links in the agricultural value chain of the VKB Group and also supports the group’s commitment to rural development.

Tel: 087 358 8800