Bethal Koelkamers (Pty) Ltd

This company, previously “NAK-koelstoor Gesamentlike Onderneming” is a cooling facility for potato seed, located in Bethal, Mpumalanga. For more than 40 years it has been rendering a storage service to the potato industry.

VKB Landbou owns a 100% share in Bethal Koelkamers (Pty) Ltd.

The cold rooms were recently upgraded by the improvement of the facility and the increase of the storage capacity with 24% to a total of 140 400 bags of potato seedlings, that is 3 120 pallets.

The cold rooms provide a quality service to producers at competitive rates, and contribute to the lowering of input costs for producers.

VKB’s investment in this company is also in accordance to the group’s strategy to focus on integration opportunities in the agricultural value chain and to stay true to its identity as a producers’ business.

Tel: 017 647 637