QPro Feeds (Pty) Ltd 

During April 2019 QPro Feeds (Pty) Ltd was established with the aggregation of two animal feed factories, namely Triple V in Vrede and Nu-Pro Feeds (Pty) Ltd (Nu-Pro Feeds) in Bethlehem. This aggregation will unlock various synergies between the two factories which will add to increased efficiency.

During 2012 VKB established an animal feed plant in Vrede with the aim to produce feed for contract growers who supply broilers to GFC in order to ensure optimal growth and a constant supply of quality broilers to the abattoir.

The plant has a production capacity of almost 15 000 ton animal feed per month. About 80 000 tons of yellow maize and 24 000 tons of soya-oilcake amongst other raw materials are processed annually in the factory. The factory contains highly sophisticated equipment and produces a full range of monogastric animal feed that is distributed by through the VKB network of outlets. Products are available in bulk, 50 kg bags, as pellets, granulated or as meal.

Nu-Pro Feeds in Bethlehem was the first industry in which VKB got involved in 2008. VKB currently owns 100% share in this company, a modern and technically advanced animal feed plant with the emphasis on the production of a variety of animal feeds for the dairy, cattle, sheep, game, commercial egg and broiler industries. This plant has a monthly production capacity of 7 000 tons.

The animal feed factories contribute significantly to an integrated business model by ensuring a guaranteed market for part of the soya-oilcake produced by Free State Oil.

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