Grain Field Chickens (Pty) Ltd (GFC)

The decision to get involved in the production and processing of chicken was a logical result of the strategic decision by VKB’s directorate to get further involved in the food value chain.

The Eastern Free State produces large volumes (about 800 000 tons) of maize, which previously was sold to industries in other provinces without any added value, as well as about 200 000 tons of soybean. These two crops respectively make up 60% and 18% of the average formula for food for broilers. It thus made economical sense to boost the value chain by building an animal feed plant so that the maize and soy could be transformed into broiler food which could in turn be used by contract growers.

The addition of a chicken abattoir would add the maximum value to the area. Clearly it was an opportunity that had to be developed and GFC was the answer.

In December 2010 the ground works for the abattoir was started, in May 2011 the steel construction was erected so that by June 2012 the business was in production.

GFC’s current position
Currently between 800 000 and 850 000 chickens are slaughtered per week. When Phase 2 of the project is completed, this figure will probably increase to 1.2 million chickens per week.

GFC is owned by VKB Agri Processors (100%). The Grain Field Chickens Workers’ Trust owns its own fowl houses and supplies chickens to the abattoir. 

GFC’s core values are based on good old business principles – honesty, communication and respect. At this business quality service and quality is non-negotiable. GFC’s mission is to establish the business as a preferred supplier in South Africa by keeping to the basic business principles and extending its product range. GFC believes in locally produced products, local job creation and creating value for the South African consumer.


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