VKB Auction Centre (Pty) Ltd

The service area of VKB is known for its cereal crops and, increasingly so, also soybeans. Regarding the agricultural value chain, VKB is involved from beginning to end – from the sowing process with all its facets, right up to the processing and marketing of members’ products.

But what does VKB do for cattle farmers? This was the reaction of Koos Janse van Rensburg upon the acquisition of the auction centre in Frankfort which is now known as the VKB Auction Centre. “For us it is important to render a one stop service to our members. We already sell medication for animals as well as other products that are part of the value chain; therefore it strategically made sense for VKB to cooperate with the cattle farmer to offer a platform for added value with a service point where cattle can be auctioned.”

Frankfort’s central location to VKB’s service area helped in the decision to acquire the auction centre in that area.

With this new extension, VKB ensures that its vision of adding value is materialised even further.

Tel: 082 807 7555