VKB has a seed processing plant just outside of Reitz. Here seeds from various suppliers are sifted and packaged. The plant is the main distribution point of grazing and forage crops. Wheat cultivations for augmentation of wheat seeds is also handled by the Seed Processing department in close cooperation with Sensako. Seeds are then distributed from this plant and can be bought from Seed Processing, VKB silos and the various VKB input retail outlets.

Being a producer-business and a leading agricultural company, VKB considers it of paramount importance that its clients are offered market-related prices and that the products they need are at all times readily available locally. It is from this viewpoint that the seed processing plant in Reitz is operated. Not only is augmentation, processing, packaging and testing of seeds done here, it is also marketed and distributed from this point.

In 2014 a new project was embarked upon after farmers indicated that there is a need for the acquisition and handling of dried beans. The past season VKB has accepted 4 000 tons of beans, sifted, stored and distributed it to various buyers. 

The plant has a laboratory for seed testing where germination and purity tests are done on grasses and other agronomical crops. The laboratory is accredited by the Department of Agriculture (DAFF) and all tests are done in accordance to the ISTA rules.

VKB has agreements in place with various seed companies from whom seeds can be ordered in case there is no available stock. The main focus remains to deliver an excellent service to farmers, therefor any seed that is required will be sourced gladly. 

VKB supports continuous testing which is coordinated by Sensako. Hereby VKB and Sensako ensure constant product development and the development of new wheat cultivars. Sample crops are planted in different locations and stretches over more than one production season to ensure that more accurate data regarding production performance can be supplied to the farmer.  


Wheat available at VKB Seed

Irrigation wheat available at VKB Seed 
SST 867
SST 877
SST 895
SST 875
SST 835
SST 844
SST 843

Dry land wheat
SST 317
SST 347
SST 356
SST 316
SST 374



Contact details:
Seed processing office 058 863 8374/83/84

Narika Delport
Commercial Manager VKB Seed
082 416 7089


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