1. VKB will grade the maize and the grading shall be final and binding on the parties.
  2. The mass of the maize taken in, as determined by VKB, shall be final and binding on the parties.
  3. All maize accepted for storage must be free of living grain insects and must comply with current grading regulations contained in the Agricultural Product Standards Act (Act No. 119 of 1990).
  4. VKB reserves the right to refuse to accept any consignment of maize, which at its discretion, does not meet the set standards (only Grade WMI maize will be stored).
  5. VKB shall store the maize on behalf of the Client within any of VKB’s available silos.
  6. The Client accepts that maize delivered to VKB for storage might become mixed with other maize delivered to VKB.
  7. VKB will store, fumigate and insure the stored maize at its own expense.
  8. VKB shall issue a receipt to the Client for all maize taken in from the Client.
  9. The Client’s record of maize delivered for storage purposes shall be available for inspection at any branch of VKB.
  10. The maize shall be stored free of charge.
  11. In the exchange of maize for meal, the following ratios will be applied:
    a. 95kg maize for 80kg meal
    b. 60kg maize for 50kg meal
    c. 30kg maize for 25kg meal
    d. 15kg maize for 12.5kg meal

    The Client shall be liable for the gristing fee in manufacturing the maize meal or the tariffs determined by VKB from time to time and supplied by the Client.

  12. VKB reserves the right to issue cash, maize meal at its discretion to the Client on request, with due allowance for available delivered maize.
  13. Should the Client wish to withdraw or sell maize stock held to his credit under the exchange scheme, the Client shall become liable for relevant fees as if the maize was originally delivered as commercial stock. This amount will be payable by the client prior to the release of such maize stock previously held for exchange.
  14. The mass of maize loaded out, as determined by VKB, shall be final and binding on the parties.
  15. VKB reserves the right to mill the maize stored by the Client in the normal course of business.
  16. The Client choses his central area of business as domicilium citandi et executandi if it is a company, close corporation or partnership, and his or her residential address if the Client is any of the private persons indicated in clause 16 of these T’s&C’s.
  17. This agreement constitutes the full agreement between the parties and will remain in force until it is amended in writing and signed by both parties, or duly authorised representatives.
  18. The parties hereby agree that where maize is held for a period of 3 (three) years from the date of delivery, stock so held will be sold at current market value, such findings being transferred to a pending account. Should the Client subsequently have a claim it will be subject to proof of ownership, paid to him/her after recovery of the appropriate fees payable. Subsequent to a 3 year period, any funds in the pending account will accrue to VKB.

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