Dear Shareholder,

Please find attached for noting the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of VKB Beleggings (Pty) Ltd, held on 19 September 2019.
Kind regards

Rina Erasmus
Group Company Secretary

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

VKB is planting 500 trees for its 100th birthday

VKB is celebrating its 100th birthday with our slogan “For the love of the land” always on our mind.

Therefore 500 trees will be planted at different schools throughout Limpopo and the Eastern Free State as part of VKB’s Green Project and in celebration of Mandela Day.

Three sponsors – Sam Engineering, Save the Planet and the VKB Group – have joined forces for this project and today 100 trees will be planted at Primary School in Petsana in Reitz (Eastern Free state).

The VKB Group, Sam Engineering and Save the Planet believe that it is wonderful to have a day that’s been set aside to focus on initiatives that contribute to the upliftment and improvement of people and communities. We do this not only because we see this as part of our corporate social responsibility, but we believe that this should be part of our culture.

We contribute to the upliftment and sustainability of many communities in the areas where we are operational through various programs, initiatives and job creation.

With this tree planting project, we want to teach children how important trees are and how to take care of them once they are planted. Besides teaching them about saving our environment and the concept of global warming and what it does to nature and how it threatens our future, we also teach them how to take responsibility by tending to the trees. By regularly watering these trees and seeing how it grows, we believe it will instil in them that a little effort renders growth, well-being and prosperity – like any investment in their future.

In all of this we want to teach them a love for the land – not only love and respect for agriculture and farmers, but also the love for our country. In this small gesture we invest in the future of South Africa.



Notice is hereby given to the shareholders of the election of a non-executive Director for VKB Beleggings (Pty) Ltd for Ward 6 following the nomination of the following candidates:


The ward election will take place on 13 August 2019 from 09:00 to 15:00 at VKB BRANCH, FRANKFORT.

Only shareholders resorting under Ward 6 in accordance with the records of VKB, may participate in the election.

THE NOTICE AND PROXY FORMS ARE AVAILABLE ON THE FOLLOWING LINKS AND AT YOUR LOCAL VKB BRANCH, or may be requested from the Group Company Secretary, Rina Erasmus (tel.: 058 863 8261 or E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Download Notice

Download Proxy

Download Voting procedure 

Food For Mzansi announces historic partnership with VKB group

The VKB group has announced a historic partnership with the Farmers For Change movement to help promote a more diverse and nuanced image of South African agriculture.

Farmers For Change is led by media personality, Ivor Price, and digital strategist, Kobus Louwrens. It will engage especially black South Africans through a series of initiatives under the “Food For Mzansi” umbrella, to create a greater love for the country’s farmers, farm workers and others agricultural roleplayers.

Since its inception almost a century ago, the VKB Group has been devoted to finding solutions for the ever-changing and diverse needs of agricultural producers and related stakeholders. The group is a leading employer in the Eastern Free State and Limpopo countryside, providing employment to approximately 5 500 people. VKB continuously invests in initiatives and infrastructure projects for the benefit of the rural communities it serves.

Pictured from the left is Deon van der Ross (VKB’s Executive Manager: Corporate Marketing and Retail), Kobus Louwrens and Ivor Price (the founders of Food For Mzansi) and Francois Swanepoel (Executive Director: VKB Landbou Vrystaat)

According to Deon van der Ross, VKB’s Executive for Corporate Marketing and Retail, the Farmers For Change Movement is one of the largest pro-agricultural movements in recent history. “We are doing everything for the love of the land. We are convinced that agriculture can save South Africa, despite massive political and economic pressures on the industry and our farmers. The Farmers For Change movement plays a critical role in creating broader awareness of the diversity of role players and opportunities offered by agriculture.”


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